The drummer, kaboom-TSS!
Around 2014 a small add online said: “I am looking for a band. I have quite some experience. I was told that I know how to throw a good beat. I am a quick learner and play by intuition. I play everything, but no Dutch hoompapa or metal please. Like to play in a band that is eager to perform. Distance no problem.”

In January 2015 Arnold joined The Sound Press. He played in various bands and with a great variety of artists; some members of the Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Gotcha and with the musicians of the Dutch Rock & Roll junky Herman Brood.

Progressive pop rock is his thing. Main influences: Lou Reed, David Bowie and The Stones.

Rule #1: listen to the vocals, listen to the guitars, listen to the keys and bass. When it feels good, he glues it together.

Is he keeping all his experience for himself? No, since a long time he gives drum clinics for children. “The more drums, the more feeling, and the more feeling, he more human we become.” All the posts on his Facebook wall show how deeply concerned he is about the world around him. But a good cup of coffee is what he enjoys the most, together with a chat. Without humor please, because humor is so overrated.