The Sound Press
Frank – vocals
Jubbe – guitar/backing vocals
Kamal – guitar/backing vocals
Os – bass
Alex – drums
Timo – keys

What is even cooler than listening to music? Making music! That is what The Sound Press already does since 2014. The lads have their own repertoire with many references to the great heroes from the past. Their style is a mix of rock, pop, blues and alternative rock. The band is preparing for the recording of their first album which is scheduled to be released mid 2019. Until that time they perform in every basement and club in and around Amsterdam and you can listen to their first two songs on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

State of Denial is a great up-tempo rock song in which you can hear very clearly how their different influences perfectly blend together. The Other Life shows that the band is not afraid to try a different approach as well.

The two guitar players Kamal and Jubbe decided to form a band. Both were looking for something else, something different, something new. This was the start for their musical journey. Soon singer Frank, the prodigy Timo and the veteran Arnold joined the band on respectively keys and drums.
Begin 2017 Patrick decided to move to Barcelona to start a new life and Arnold left the band. Soon mutual friend Os was appointed as his successor for bass and Alex was the new drummer.

Since 2015 the band played a lot of gigs in clubs in and around Amsterdam and they did also a couple of acoustic sets.

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