Kamal Berman. Not an ordinary Dutch name like Jan Van Dyk or Johannes Vermeer. The second born son from a typical East-Holland-country-girl and a mysterious Moroccan immigrant. This combination explains also his personality: North-African temper and affection with the typical East-Holland-down-to-earth attitude. At first it seemed that he was born to be a center guard on the basketball court, but soon it turned out that he had an even bigger love for music. His cousin who ows a record label, showed him that there was more between heaven and guitar, than Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Watching the German NDR Rockpalast on a late night TV he saw for the first time his hero Rory Gallagher. He still considers Rory as on of the purest guitarists ever.
Soon he formed his first band. Singing parts from the bible with a Howlin’ Wolf-esque voice and rambling guitars. That kind of stuff. He joined the local radio station and started his own show Hotel Rettepetet. After a while he formed with his long time friend Patrick (ex-Sound Press member) a blues band called Jack Barker. He reached musically the highest peaks, but also the deepest depths with the loss of their drummer/sound engineer Alex Gomies. He is together with Patrick and Jubbe one of the founding fathers of The Sound Press. He is a writer too, and as we always say: ‘if the days grow shorter and the nights become longer, we’d like to hit the blankets early with the new Bergman.